Monday, September 9, 2013

Terraria Vita likely delayed past "summer"

Developer 505 Games has been largely silent on a release date for their anticipated Vita port of Terraria.  While the Vita had a positive showing at PAX, a previously announced release date of "summer" quickly appeared to be at risk with only two Tuesday's left in the summer.

Now via Twitter, a delay for Terraria Vita is practically confirmed.
Well there you have it.  The videos and previews of the game so far prove it's is far along and hopefully the delay is minimal.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Serious Network Struggles with Dragon's Crown Vita

I've been loving Dragon's Crown on the Vita.  Owning both a Vita and PS3 copy of the game, I prefer the handheld, "go-anywhere" version.  That was, however, until I started experiencing serious network problems when playing the game online.  A quick search online proves that I'm not alone there.

Hopefully we get a patch for this soon as I love me some multiplayer Dragon's Crown.

Where the Heck is the Neocom App?

Coming "Summer" to a Vita near you....mayyyybe?

Someone needs to give me a heads up on the status of the Neocom app.  Sony has been pretty quiet about it on the official blog and the latest news on it was that we should expect it, "this summer."

While I enjoyed my initial time with Dust 514 on PS3, the numerous delays in its launch combined with very finnicky servers pushed me away.  I can't imagine I'm the only one.  If that Neocom App ever shows up, I'll definitely give the game a shot again.